Women Protection Cell

The college is having its women cell functioning in formal sense in order to protect the women staff and students associated with the college from any sorts of injustice or sexual harassment of any nature directly and indirectly.


The Women Protection Cell functions with the following purposes;

  • to make them aware of their rights,
  • to help them in knowing the importance of good health and nutrition and facilities available for them,
  • to help them in developing decision making abilities and be self-dependent,
  • to help them in raising their voice against all kinds of discrimination,
  • to help them in changing their mind setup,
  • to assist them in overall development of their personality, and
  • to help them (community women) in knowing about reproductive health care and child care.


The Women Protection Cell of the college is generally constituted by selecting at least four women staff. The cell is reconstituted every year if situation arises so. The process of reconstruction of the cell lies in the hands of Principal in consultation staff members.
The name of the teachers in the charge of the cell:

Women Protection Cell

Name of the staff member


Mrs. N Ramya. Asso.Prof

Teaching Staff

Mrs. D Haritha

Teaching Staff

Mrs. Sk.Shabana, Asso.Prof

Teaching staff

Ms. P Usha, Asst.Prof

Teaching Staff

Ms.Anusha N, administrative

Non-Teaching Staff